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Situated next to Le Van Tam Park on Han Thuyen Street, Creperie & Cafe is a very stylish and chic restaurant located in the heart of Saigon.

Unlike a lot of other restaurants in the heart of district 1 though, Creperie & Cafe's location on Han Thuyen offers visitors the change to eat out side in the quiet away from hordes of people.

Creperie & Cafe - Saigon Vietnam Creperie & Cafe - Saigon

This is because Ham Thuyen Street is a pretty quiet street by Saigon standards, and Le Van Tam Park opposite seems to filter out a lot of the noise coming from the nearby traffic.

And located in a hundred-year-old French colonial residence, Creperie & Cafe is a great place to go and relax either inside in the cool upstairs, or outside where you can sit out front and watch the general coming and goings in the park opposite.

The specialty at Creperie & Cafe are Crepes (or pancakes), and they have every type of crepe you could ask for here.

Black Cat RestaurantInside Creperie & Cafe - Saigon

One of my favorites on offer is the Chicken Gruyere Crepe, which consists of a lovely fluffy crepe served with a chicken fillet and thick creamy Gruyere Cheese sauce.

The soft crepe combined with the tender chicken and creamy sauce are an absolute delight.

My other favorite is the mushroom and bacon crepe with cream sauce.

And while crepes often don't make you feel like you have eaten a proper meal, both these dishes are substance personified, and the meaty pieces of meat and thick creamy sauce leave one feeling pleasantly full.

And for those particularly concerned about their health, Creperie & Cafe also has a long list of vegetarian crepes and salads.

Creperie & Cafe have made a great effort to keep an eye on the amount of cream and fat in their meals and provide the more health conscious out there with healthy meal options.

Creperie & Cafe - Saigon Vietnam Chicken Gruyere Crepe - Saigon

Another thing about Creperie & Cafe that strikes the right cord, is that on top of serving great food they also seem to get all the little things right.

For a start they probably have the most polite, friendly and well trained waiters in all Saigon. Friendly and knowledgeable staff often makes a person's visit a lot more enjoyable.

Secondly, a basket of warm fresh bread and a plate of butter is brought out before every meal.

It is attention to niceties and little extras like this that just increase a person's dinning experience ten-fold, and has turned most of Creperie & Cafes visitors into repeat customers.

5 Han Thuyen, District 1

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