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When I first arrived in Saigon it took me a longtime before I finally got around to visiting Lush nightclub.

I knew where it was, but it just seemed that Lush was always on the edge on my radar at the time for some reason.

Lush By Day - Saigon Nightclubs Lush By Day - Saigon Nightclubs

When I finally did get around to visiting Lush, I remember the impression it made on me well though.

This is because when I walked through the doors I found that Lush was exactly what I would expect from a dance club back home.

In fact, because of the combination of music, laser lights and the modern look and feel of the decor and surroundings, you can walk into Lush at times and it makes you forget that you are in Vietnam rather than back home.

And it is this Western style and feel that makes Lush so unique in Saigon.

When you walk in, Lush nightclub is not filled to the brim with working girls or seedy looking foreigners lurking in the shadows, it is filled with young trendy people having a good time.

Lush By Night - Saigon Nightclubs Lush By Night - Saigon Nightclubs

This makes it a great addition to one's night out, and a good alternative to the more touristy type nightclubs.

And Lush is especially a great place to visit if you really want to dance and be seen dancing.

The vibe at Lush just gives itself to getting one's groove on and showing off those newly polished dance moves!

And even if the ground floor dance area does gets a bit crowded at times, there is always room on the stairs or on the inside balcony where you can shake your money maker until the sun rises.

Inside Lush - Saigon Nightclubs Inside Lush - Saigon Nightclubs

In fact, dancing on the stairs is the best place to go if you want to stand out from the crowd.

Alternatively you can just go upstairs and recline in leisure on the rather comfy sofas, or watch the people bopping about below.

The result is that Lush tends to attract a nice blend of expats, locals and travelers all dancing along to the latest hip hop, R&B and pop tunes.

Additionally the people that do visit Lush also seem to be a bit younger than at most other foreign nightclubs.

Not to mention that this young crowd often has quite diverse origins, and you can end up meeting people from Japan, Hong Kong, Australia all in one night, giving Lush a somewhat cosmopolitan feel.

For this reason, even if you don't feel like dancing, Lush is a great place for relaxing, meeting people and for just having fun.

2 Ly Tu Trong, District 1
Tel: 824 2496

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