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Apocalypse Now - Saigon Apocalypse Now Entrance- Saigon

A nightclub, which despite its somewhat seedy reputation, is an institution that has been around 18 years, and is still going strong as one of the best nightclubs in Saigon.

Part of the reason for Apocalypse Now's longevity, is that it is simply an unpretentious and fun nightclub that has something for everyone.

If you love to dance and shake it all night long, you can dance away on either of the two dance floors.

The downstairs dance floor plays your usual popular dance tunes, while the upstairs dance floor tends to play more trance type music.

If dancing is not your thing, you can challenge someone to a game of pool, or just sit down and chat to friends in the outside eating area, where you can sit down and chat with friends without the loud music getting in the way of conversation.

The variety and fun nature of Apocalypse Now means that after 10.30pm on any given Saturday or Friday night, Apocalypse Now will be packed with a sea of travelers, oil guys, expats, working girls and security staff.

Apocalypse Now - Saigon Apocalypse Now - Saigon

And because of the eclectic mix of cliental that Apocalypse Now seems to attract, there is always a lively and at times crazy atmosphere; meaning something interesting always happens in some way.

After all, it just wouldn't be Apocalypse Now if something didn't happen that wasn't going to be regretted by someone in the morning!

But what else would you expect from a bar that is part homage to the movie Apocalypse Now.

A theme that just adds to the unique atmosphere of the place, from the walls lined with movie posters for the aforementioned movie, to the surf board above the stairs with the famous quote Charlie DON'T surf scrawled on it, and the closing time song of "The End" by The Doors.

All this seems to just add to the infamy and crazy feel of the place.

Apocalypse Now - Saigon Charlie Don't Surf - Apocalypse Now

And even if Apocalypse Now is not quite your cup of tea, the one thing you can not deny about Apocalypse Now is that it has character, a character that should certainly be experienced for anyone wanting to check out all that the Saigon nightlife has to offer.

Still the best nightclub in Saigon!

2C Thi Sach, District 1
Tel: 825 6124

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